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Konvikt Centre (Sunday Services)



Konvikt Centre
5 Avenue Marie-Thérèse
(next to the Parc Belle-Vue Hotel)

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Elaine Birch – Administrative Assistant email
Lynn Barclay – Parish Coordinator email

Telephone: 43 95 93

The Konvikt chapel is a five minute walk from the Centre Hamilius bus station in front of the Post Office. From the outside it does not look like a church (see photo above). Entry to the chapel is directly from the street through a glass door, and then up the stairs to the first floor. Help with the stairs is always available. Please ask. Toilets are on the ground floor. As the front door is open to the street and not monitored, please take care of your personal possessions and lock any bikes and strollers (or bring strollers into the chapel).

Parking at the Konvikt Centre

Chapel ExteriorIf you come by car you can park in the streets nearby for free on Sundays or in the underground car park in Avenue Monterey and walk 5 minutes through the park to Avenue Marie-Thérèse. The chapel entrance is opposite the park exit. If the road is busy there is a crossing with traffic lights a few metres down the street.

Cents Church (Te Deum)



Church of the Holy Spirit
Boulevard Charles Simonis and Rue de Treves

Public Transport to Cents Church

  • Train line 30 at 10 minutes past the hour from Luxembourg City main station, direction Wasserbillig. Cents is the first stop. Go left out of the station up rue des Pommiers and turn right on blvd Dominique Pire, which will bring you to the route de Trèves just opposite the church. Total journey time: 10 minutes.
    For more details see (schedule).
  • Train line 30 from Wasserbillig gets to Cents station at 10:45.
    For more details see (schedule).
  • Bus Number 14 from the Luxembourg City main station and many other stops in town, direction Cents/Waassertuerm. Get off at Cents Kierch. Runs every half hour, e.g. 10:04 or 10:34 from the station. Total journey time: 17 minutes.
    For more details see (schedule).
  • Bus Number 29 from Luxembourg City main station and other stops in the Gare neighborhood to Cents station and then walk, following the directions from the train above. Runs every half hour, e.g. 10:19 or 10:49 from the station. Total Journey time: 12 minutes.
    For more details see (schedule).