Baptism, Communion & Confirmation


BaptismBaptism, or as it is sometimes called, Christening, marks a special moment on a journey with God which continues for the rest of our lives. It’s a first step in response to God’s love. Whatever age we are, baptism is a joyful moment, a time to rejoice at what God has done for us in Jesus; to make a serious commitment and to declare our faith.

Normally baptisms take place during the main Sunday service, if suitable. Sometimes when there are many baptism applications we have a Baptism Sunday when all the baptisms take place together.

Nothing ever seems to go wrong in baptisms, but getting a baby ready for church can be fraught – don’t worry if you are a bit late, we know what it’s like. Baptism is free, there is no fee or charge.

More information on baptism can be found in this pamphlet and in this application form.

Admission to Communion

admissionToCommunionThe Anglican Church of Luxembourg has extended the giving of Communion to include children, in line with the 1997 guidelines from the House of Bishops, and we invite parents to consider whether they would like their children to receive Holy Communion before Confirmation. If your child would like to receive Communion, or if they already do, but have not been confirmed, we ask them, with yourselves, to attend a short preparation course. The purpose of this course is to help children to develop an understanding of Holy Communion appropriate to their age and abilities, so they can participate in it meaningfully. However, it is important to be clear that this is to be part of a developing understanding of faith as a lifelong process. It should not be viewed as a Confirmation course, which we still offer. Please contact the Chaplain if you would like to discuss this further.


CommunityFor St. Luke, the Christian life is described as the Way and Christians are journeying on the way towards Jerusalem, just as Jesus did. Christianity is fundamentally about a walk, a journey, a pilgrimage. We have an end point – Jesus has gone to prepare that place for us – but we do not arrive there immediately – the point of our calling as disciples is to walk together.

Candidates for confirmation desire to follow Christ who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. They want to join with the other pilgrims on the Way, and journey along the road which the Church is walking. As we walk we are to listen to the Lord speaking to us in the events around us and in the people we meet. We learn to recognise Jesus in the strangers we encounter on the way, for every person you meet is Christ himself, even though you might not recognise them. Confirmation candidates promise solemnly that they will seek and serve Christ in all people, loving their neighbour as themselves. That is what we “people of the way” do – we love the stranger, we accompany them, we listen to them.