An important feature of the life of the Anglican Church in Luxembourg is our work with families.
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An important feature of the life of the Anglican Church in Luxembourg is our work with children. Our approach is based on open-ended questions and imaginative exploration because we believe children’s spirituality is lively and the Holy Spirit is at work in their lives. Our role is to facilitate what God is already doing. We therefore also aim to include children in meaningful ways in our collective worship when possible.

Our children’s ministry is delivered in a hybrid way, combining face to face with online offerings. We also offer opportunities for whole families to engage together, for example at Wandering & Wondering [insert link to page]. Please sign up for e-news to be kept informed of what is on offer week by week [insert link].

If you have any questions about any aspect of ministry to children, youth, and families please do not hesitate to contact Revd Evelyn Sweerts on curate (at) anglican.lu 

Wandering & Wondering

Every six weeks or so we head somewhere new in Luxembourg to explore a story from the Bible or church feast out in nature. Wandering & Wondering is open to all and especially suitable for families. Participation is in social bubbles and you will need to register to attend. Please sign up for e-news to be kept informed of upcoming events

Parenting for Faith

Help! I don’t know how to talk to my (grand-)children about what I believe!

I don’t even know the answers to the questions so what am I supposed to say to my kids when they ask?

I don’t want to push so hard I turn them off – but I don’t want to leave my kids’ relationship with Jesus to luck and chance either…

My spouse doesn’t want anything to do with church. How can I respect them while sharing my faith with my children?

It’s a statement of the obvious that parenting brings much joy. But it’s not always easy. As parents we can feel an enormous sense of responsibility yet often feel under-equipped to meet those obligations. The Bible Reading Fellowship’s Parenting for Faith Course is probably not going to solve all our parenting woes but it does come highly recommended as a space in which to explore the discipling of our children (and grandchildren, godchildren, and any other children we come into contact with). This course is particularly good for parents, grandparents, godparents and indeed anyone with responsibility for children but former participants have even said it helps them talk to their friends about their faith too so really, everyone is welcome!

We offer the course online between Christmas and Easter. Information will be in e-news.