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Sustaining our community life

We want all church members to be part of our community in a way that works for them. We want to do this, wherever possible, through adding this dimension to the existing natural groupings they are already in (e.g., choir, Wellsprings, 09:30 congregation).

Our aim is that:

  • no one in our church feels lonely, even if they are isolated
  • all know the name of a Community Contact person they can call and, if they wish, receive a regular personal contact from someone on behalf of the Church or be part of a group activity
  • all know how to offer or request practical help through a clear, simple process.

Pastoral care

The clergy, Geoff and Evelyn, are available to offer pastoral care: someone is unwell, someone has died here or elsewhere, you just need to talk or would like someone to pray with you.

You can call the clergy any time and one of them is available for “More Tea Vicar?” every Wednesday afternoon

We also have people experienced in pastoral care, working with the clergy. They are available to offer a listening ear. This is on offer to anyone.

We are happy to include prayer requests in our intercessions in All Saints on Sunday. We also have a confidential WhatsApp prayer group who will pray for you.

Call our Chaplain Geoff (621 199 242) to find out more.

Practical help

During COVID-19 restrictions maybe you need some practical help because you can’t get out: help with shopping, to walk your dog, collect a prescription. Or you have time to offer that sort of help to someone living near you.

If you can offer practical help or have a need, please email the Church Office or phone our Chaplain Geoff (621 199 242). We have co-ordinators happy to help match request to offers.


Funerals and Bereavement.

Supporting good Mental Health

a booklet to download offering hope, reassurance and comfort

CovidCheck as part of our Church life

At its Away morning on Saturday 18 September 2021 (using CovidCheck) the Council decided to use the scheme as one tool in Church life for all f2f services from Sunday October 10th onwards and for groups and other events as needed.

The Council are aware of the risk to both catch and pass on the Delta variant even for those who are fully vaccinated. So, we will supplement CovidCheck with a requirement to wear medical grade masks (not cloth) and reduced social distancing between seating of households and groups. Click here to read more.

Latest Covid-19 Updates

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CovidCheck will be implemented at our f2f services from October 2021

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