Our parish is currently without a full-time chaplain since our previous one, Reverend Chris Lyon, retired in February; the period until a new chaplain joins us is commonly referred to as an interregnum. The Diocesan Office, are supporting us through the transition and recruitment process. Our Area Dean Stephen Murray is particularly responsible for helping us through the interregnum, including in terms of obtaining temporary chaplains, known as locums. Paul Vrolijk, our Archdeacon, has lead responsibility for the recruitment process under the authority of Bishop Robert Innes.

They were keen that we use the interregnum as an opportunity to reflect on our current characteristics as a church, and how we would like to develop in future. We therefore sent a questionnaire to everyone on the contact list and held a Prayer Day and a Vision Day for further reflection. Responses to these various forms of consultation assisted in compiling the parish profile and job description, so thank you to everyone who took the time to participate. All the documents we are required to submit have now been completed, approved by the Church Council at its meeting in June, and forwarded to the Diocesan office. The post has now been advertised and we hope to be interviewing in October.

We will post updates regularly on this page as we progress through the process of appointing a new chaplain.

Steps We Have Taken

  • The Chaplaincy Council has nominated Philippa Seymour and Simon Norcross to represent our parish throughout this process.
  • We sent out a questionnaire about our Church and its values to the congregation in order to start forming our Parish Profile and have made the results available here.
  • A time to pray for the church, led by Evelyn Sweerts, was held on May 13th.
  • A Vision Day, led by Archdeacon Paul Vrolijk, was held on May 20th to discuss the appointment of our next chaplain. A summary of the day is available here.
  • We have created a Chaplaincy Profile, which is available here.
  • We have forwarded all the required documents to the Diocesan office.