Who we are

The Anglican Church of Luxembourg (an English-Speaking Church) is made up of people of all ages from many different nations and very different backgrounds. Our worship and activities are in English, but our members speak many other languages. In all that we do we try to express the depth and diversity of the Christian spiritual tradition so that we can offer a welcome to all.

Part of the Anglican Communion

We are part of the world-wide Anglican Communion, a congregation of the Church of England’s Diocese in Europe which extends from the Canary Islands to Moscow; a vast family of congregations embracing many climates and cultures. The Anglican tradition is very broad, and that enables people of very different Christian denominations to make a spiritual home with us.

Our church is one of thirty six Church of England churches in the Archdeaconry of North-West Europe. The Archdeacon is Ven. Paul Vrolijk, based in Brussels, and the Area Dean for Belgium and Luxembourg is Revd. Stephen Murray based in Ghent.

In Luxembourg since 1956

The English-Speaking Church Community in Luxembourg (Anglican Chaplaincy), the original name, was founded by a small group in 1956. Since the 1970’s we have worshipped at the Konvikt Chapel (konvikt means a seminary).

Since 2004 we have been known as the Anglican Church of Luxembourg and have been recognised as a Church by the Luxembourg Government under the Convention between the Luxembourg State and the major faiths in Luxembourg. A revised Convention came into force in 2016.

We are part of the Conseil de Cultes Conventionné (Council of Conventioned religious bodies).

The Convention between the Luxembourg Government and the Anglican Church (pages 49-51)

Law of 23 July 2016 regulating the amount and methods of granting annual financial support to the Anglican Church of Luxembourg