Chaplaincy Prayer, 2017

At the recommendation of our Area Dean, Stephen Murray, the Chaplaincy Council wrote the following prayer, to be used at each of its meetings and for the congregation to say at every service during the coming months’ interregnum period. In fact this prayer should be used as widely as possible, also including any other appropriate church meetings and our personal devotions. We very much want to encourage everybody to use it at every possible opportunity.

Dear God, we thank you that we can always be confident of your loving care for your Church, including our small corner of it here in Luxembourg.

We are grateful for Chris Lyon’s ministry over the last 14 years in Luxembourg; we pray for his happiness in well-deserved retirement.

As we work our way through this transitional period without a full-time Chaplain, we ask the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom, encouragement and guidance, thinking particularly of the process of recruiting our future Chaplain and of all those who share in the privilege and burden of management, administration and maintenance of the community of our church.

Help us to act in honesty, love, patience and generosity towards one another, and to find good ways forward in the longer-term interests of the whole community.

Under the wise and loving guidance of the Spirit, may this time be one of encouragement, growth and reinforced faith, to the glory of God the Father.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour,