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Forthcoming Services - see CALENDAR OF SERVICES


Confirmation Course
The Chaplains will be running a confirmation course, consisting of 12 classes, in preparation for Confirmation o­n Sunday, 10 May 2015.
There will be two courses, run in parallel, o­ne for young people who are at least in second year of secondary school, and another for adults (no age limit!).
The first class will be held o­n Sunday, 9 November 2014. The class for teenagers will be held from 4.00 to 5.30 pm, and the class for adults from 8.00 to 9.30 pm. See schedule here.
An evening reception will be held for confirmation candidates, their parents and the Church Council o­n Saturday, 9 May 2015.
There can be some flexibility about age but in general it helps if candidates are older rather than younger.
Just looking? Or perhaps already confirmed, and wanting a refresher course? You are very welcome to share in the course.
If you would like to join the classes, please either pick up a registration form from the back of the Church or e-mail for a registration form and further information.

Breakfast Bible Study
Graham and Isobel Weller will be holding a meeting from 9.30 am to 11.00 am on Saturday, 25 October at their home o­n the Kirchberg Plateau with the topic of study being “Galatians”. Coffee/tea and croissants provided. Please contact them at if you would like to attend or for further information. New members are very welcome.

Operation Christmas Child
The Youth Group will be taking part in this project again, filling shoeboxes with Christmas presents for needy children in Romania and Moldavia. This year we would like to involve the rest of our church, so that we can achieve even more for this good cause. We are inviting members of the congregation to assist by donating items that we can pack into shoeboxes. Our deadline is Sunday, 26 October, so we can take donations from now until then. Further details are available at the back of church, or please speak to Andy, Caroline or Evelyn.

“Koinonia and Cake”

Everyone is warmly invited to “Koinonia and Cake”, a fortnightly evening get together to discuss aspects of Christian life in the home of a member of our congregation. The next meeting will be at 8.00 pm o­n Tuesday, 28 October at the home of Carol and Ralph Birch in Hellange (after their holiday). The group is focussing this term o­n prayer. We shall read and discuss books about prayer, and we shall also look at and practice different forms of prayer. The book we shall look at in the next few meetings is "How to Pray" by John Pritchard (available o­n Amazon and Kindle).

Young Adults Group
The Young Adults Group (YAG) in principle meets midweek twice a month - see CALENDAR - and will be following the Emmaus course which can be joined at any time. To learn more or for directions contact Paul Townend or John and Victoria. Food will be shared as usual.

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Prayer Groups
>>> The Prayer Group "Wellsprings" meets, normally in Limpertsberg, fortnightly o­n Thursday evenings at 8pm - see CALENDAR - for shared Bible-based meditation, devotion and prayer. We are a very friendly group and all are welcome to attend, whether regularly or intermittently.
Please contact Cheryl for more information. Contact details for the next meeting are o­n the pewsheet o­n Sunday.
>>> The Prayer Group "Mothers' Prayers" meets regularly - see CALENDAR for dates. This is a group that is always ready to welcome mothers of any age. For general information or directions to their homes, please email Rani or call her o­n 621 181 848, or Carol or call her o­n 2651 0309. Contact details for the next meeting are o­n the pewsheet o­n Sunday.

Home Group
Everyone is warmly invited to “Home Group”, a fortnightly evening get together to discuss aspects of Christian life, in the home of a member of our congregation.

Starting at 8.00 pm o­n Tuesday, 30 September at the home of Carol and Ralph Birch in Hellange, the group is focussing this term o­n prayer. We shall read and discuss books about prayer, and we shall also look at and practice different forms of prayer.

We do hope you can join us. For more information, please contact Carol either by email: or by phone: 621 174 056.

Youth Group
The Youth Group will meet every second, third and fourth Sunday - see CALENDAR - normally at 11am in the lounge of the Hotel Parc Bellevue (next to the church) for people aged between 12 and 16.
Please contact Andy (26 48 08 23), Caroline or Evelyn (691 110 082) to find out more or to ask any questions.

"Lions and Lambs" Group (formerly Parents, Tinies and Toddlers Group)
This Group will meet o­n Tuesday mornings from 9.30am to 11am - see CALENDAR. It will meet alternately in Hassel and Luxembourg during Luxembourgish school term times. It is open to all parents and children from 0 - 4 (i.e. baby to pre-school). We will sing some songs, read a Bible story and do a simple craft or other activity with the children. Parents have the opportunity to chat over coffee while the children play. For more information and directions interested parents can email Evelyn Sweerts. The group is open to all Mums, Dads and Carers and members are encouraged to bring along anyone they know who may be interested.

Young Adults' Group
The Young Adults' Group meets regularly at different venues for a mix of discussion, worship and socialising, with socials and themed discussion meetings normally o­n Wednesday - see CALENDAR and EVENTS. Any new members are very welcome - age range roughly 20s & 30s. Lifts are usually available from Luxembourg centre. Please contact Paul Townend (621 295 928) for further details.

Environmental Footprint Group
This group holds periodic meetings (see
CALENDAR) to explore how best as a church, collectively and individually, we could reduce our carbon footprint in line with the policy of our Diocese. The group is open to everyone and you are invited to contribute any relevant information, ideas or suggestions to the group coordinator Philippa Seymour. To read earlier papers by this group - see EFG reports under DOCUMENTS / section E.

End of Month Congregational Lunch

Normally o­n the last Sunday in most months a Parish Lunch takes place at a nearby restaurant at 1pm. All are welcome, particularly newcomers, and children under 11 eat free! Details are given in the Notices at the 11am service. Speak to the Chaplain to know more and see CALENDAR for the next occasion.

Child Protection Training

Child Protection Training is a regular event in the life of our church and will be shown o­n the
CALENDAR. All adults and older teenagers who work with children under the age of 18 in any kind of church activity are legally required by the Church of England to undertake Child Protection Training. If you would like to attend this training just to find out more, whether or not you are actually involved with children at the moment, you are very welcome to join in. In particular, it would be good to have the growing group of dads who often stay with their own children in the Sunday morning crèche and in so doing, help out with some of the other tinies. If you would like to be able to help o­n a regular or even occasional basis as a crèche or Junior Church helper, please speak to the Chaplain. Please email the office or speak to the Chaplain if you are interested in coming.


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Forthcoming Services - see CALENDAR OF SERVICES


Konvikt Centre maintenance

Essential maintenance work over the next two weeks at the Konvikt Centre means that there will be no electricity in church for all or part of the time o­n 19 and 26 October. Services are still going ahead in some way, but there will be no heating and we will not be able to provide refreshments. Additionally, we are especially concerned about safety issues because there are many places, such as the staircase, where electric light is essential, even in daylight. We hope to be able to provide lighting in the staircase, but the Church will not assume any liability for any accident caused by a failure to provide normal levels of (physical) illumination.

The Church Council has decided that there will be no Crèche, and no Junior Church o­n these two Sundays, and that adults coming to church do so at their own risk. The Youth Group will meet at the home of Andy and Caroline Markey o­n both Sundays.

The 9.30 am and 11.00 am services will take place as usual, music being "a capella" or with piano. It might be helpful if people bring a torch to assist them in reading the hymn books and pewsheets. We hope that normal levels of spiritual illumination will be maintained. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Church Fair 2014
We are pleased to report that the Church Fair has so far raised a net amount of just over €10,260 for charity this year, and this amount may still increase slightly.
We would like to thank all those who participated and all those who kindly made donations, whether in stock or cash.

A video created by Geoff Thompson and the team from is available o­n Youtube:
A link to some Church Fair photos taken for is here

Ascension Day Walk 2014
The annual Ascension Day Walk, organised by the Community Group, took place o­n 29 May 2014. Photos submitted by Elaine Birch are in the PHOTOGALLERY/Ascension Day Walk 2014 and her report o­n the day is here.

2014 Elections
At the AGM held o­n Tuesday, 29 April 2014, Catherine Allen and Chris Vaudrey were re-elected as Churchwardens; John Overstall and Moira Hogg were re-elected as Archdeaconry Representatives; and Simon Norcross was elected to o­ne of two vacancies o­n the Church Council. At a by-election o­n Sunday, 18 May 2014 John Dimond was elected to the remaining vacancy o­n the Church Council.

Anglican Church of Luxembourg – Annual General Meeting 2014
The 2014 AGM took place at 8pm o­n Tuesday, 29 April in the Salle Feschmaart, Soeurs Franciscaines, 50 avenue Gaston Diderich, L-1420 Belair.
Draft Minutes of this meeting will be available o­nline in due course. Activity Reports for the AGM are in DOCUMENTS under C.140429.xx
Advance notice: 2015 AGM 8pm o­n 22 April at the same venue.

Flower arranging workshop 18 Jan 2014
Judging by the beautiful results, a very successful flower arranging workshop was organised by Lesley Stevenson o­n Saturday, 18 Jan 2014. A report of the event with photos is here and a list of tips for general guidance in arranging flowers in the Konvikt Chapel is here.

Harvest Festival 2013 photos
A selection of photos of the Harvest Festival decorations, submitted by Isabel Page, are in PHOTOGALLERY/Harvest Festival 2013 and of the Pot Luck Lunch, submitted by Rani Roloff, in PHOTOGALLERY/Harvest Lunch 2013.

Church Fair June 2013 published this article o­n 17 June 2013 which includes some photos. More photos of the Church Fair, taken by Rani Roloff, are in the PHOTOGALLERY/Church Fair 2013. Net proceeds from this year's Church Fair were €10,769 which will be distributed to charity.

Confirmation April 2013
Bishop Geoffrey Rowell made his last official visit to Luxembourg before his retirement later in 2013 to confirm six candidates o­n Sunday 28th April.
Photos (of which nos 1 & 2 by G. Thompson) are in the PHOTOGALLERY/Confirmation April 2013. Bishop Geoffrey was presented with a retirement gift from our chaplaincy by Catherine Allen, churchwarden.

Electoral Roll Application Forms and Contact Forms
Church law requires that we update our Electoral Roll Register every five years. We also need to renew our Contact Register. We are therefore asking you to complete, sign and resubmit the relevant forms. The new Electoral Roll Forms and Contact Forms are available at the back of the Church, o­n this website and by contacting the Church Office ( Please put completed forms in the box at the back of the Church or return them to the Church Office, 89 rue de Muhlenbach, L-2168 Luxembourg, as soon as possible.

Government Report o­n relations between Church and State
In 2012 the Luxembourg government requested a group of experts to report o­n relations between the Church and the State. The Report is long and in French, but its conclusions, kindly translated into English by Philippa Seymour, are here.

"Dying in Luxembourg"
The Church Council of the Anglican Church of Luxembourg has commissioned a booklet entitled “Dying in Luxembourg”.
We have discovered, through personal experience and through the work of the chaplains, that few people know what practical steps to take in the event of the death of someone close to them. Lack of knowledge can add considerably to the distress of a bereavement.
This booklet has been written to give a clear guide to the practical and legal procedures to be followed in Luxembourg. We recommend that you read this booklet before such a situation arises as it contains useful information about e.g. funeral arrangements, which should be known to next of kin living in other countries. Each country has its own procedures and we cannot assume that what happens in another country will be the case in Luxembourg.
“Dying in Luxembourg” has been distributed to various organisations throughout Luxembourg and further copies may be downloaded from this website here.
The Chaplain and Church Council are greatly indebted to Jacqui Spence and Pam Lyon, members of our congregation, who have assiduously and meticulously put together the information in this booklet.
If the Chaplain, Reverend Chris Lyon, may be of assistance in this kind of situation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with him at

Donation Envelopes

Donation Envelopes dated weekly are available at the back of the Church for those unable to come to Church o­n a regular basis but who would still like to make an offering - see GIVING for more information.

Children's activities and coffee after the service - please read

Who's who in Church - at a glance
A compilation of photos of
church officials - see also PHOTO GALLERY


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First Sunday of the Month Music
At the 11am service o­n the first Sunday of the month, when the choir are present o­nly at Evensong, there will be new music and readings chosen round themes which follow the liturgical calendar and offer a wide scope for faith development. As with Choral Evensong, there will be no "First Sunday" music in January and August.

Junior Church
0–3 'Sparklers'
meet in the crèche (upstairs) for the duration of the 11.00 am service. Parents please take them there immediately before the service starts and collect them immediately after the end of the service, before you go downstairs for coffee. If you wish to have your child blessed you may collect them as communion commences.

3-5 'All Stars', 6-8 'Comets', 9+ 'Galaxies': These three groups start in the chapel with their families and then go downstairs to the hall with the Junior Church Leaders and Helpers. The Leaders and Helpers bring them back into the chapel to join their families in time for communion. At this point the children are the responsibility of their parents.

Junior Church Library
Please encourage your child to continue their Christian Education at home with you by helping them select books from our Junior Church Library. It is available every Sunday morning downstairs during the refreshment time.

Tea, coffee and juice are served after the main 11am service. Please join us. For some time now we have been serving Fair Trade coffee and tea. It is obtained through Traidcraft, which is the UK’s leading organisation dedicated to fighting poverty through trade.
For people o­n the coffee rota, here are the instructions.

Contact Forms are available at the back of the church, mainly for newcomers so that we can keep in touch. An explanation is given o­n the form.
A printable copy of this form and explanation is also available o­n the DOCUMENTS page of this website.
Completed forms should be placed in the box at the back of the church or sent to the vicarage.

Electoral Roll Enrolment Forms are also available at the back of the church for people who wish to vote at the Annual General Meeting and be eligible for appointment to any of the official positions within our congregation. An explanation and form containing full details of eligibility are available o­n the DOCUMENTS page of this website.
Completed forms should be returned to the Anglican Office by the end of February to be entitled to vote at the following AGM.

Crèche and Junior Church children
A reminder to all parents that they are responsible for their children after the 11am service is finished. This is part of our Child Protection policy which has the safety of your child as its priority.

Crèche Helpers
Help is needed in our crèche! If you feel able to help out in our crèche o­n an occasional basis with our babies and tinies during the 11.00 am service, please contact Eyi' Geers-Faderin as our list of helpers reduces regularly due to teenage helpers moving o­n and other mums away o­n maternity leave. This is an important facility to offer young families – please think of helping out – any age (over 14) accepted! Details are here.

Church Safeguarding Policy
A Safeguarding Policy Document has been drawn up by the Church of England, including the Diocese in Europe to which this Chaplaincy belongs. Full details can be found o­n the Diocesan website here.

Readers / Sidespersons
Any member of the congregation who would like to read a lesson or act as a sidesperson from time to time should get in touch with Jane Wickens who organises the rota.
Readers / Sidespersons are responsible o­n their Sunday for handing out the books and taking the collection. Instructions for these tasks can be found

Flu epidemics
The Chaplain has received guidelines from the Diocesan Office for the giving of communion should flu rise to pandemic conditions within Luxembourg.
Should any people receiving communion prefer to receive in o­ne kind (i.e. bread o­nly), they are free to choose to do so.
While communion in both kinds is the norm in the Church of England, when it is received in o­ne kind o­nly the fullness of the Sacrament is nonetheless received.
The full guidelines issued for swine flu are available to read


Church Money
Apart from the state-paid salaries of the Chaplains, all expenses of running our church here in Luxembourg are supported entirely by the generosity of the congregation. Without this support we would not have an Anglican Church in Luxembourg.

Day-to-day finances are managed by the treasurer o­n behalf of the Church Council, about 12 people elected by the congregation. All significant payments are authorised in advance by the Church Council. Annual Accounts are prepared and audited.

Church expenses are roughly €120,000 a year, or an average of €10,000 a month to be collected in o­ne way or another from the congregation. That works out at an average of €40 a month, or €10 every week, for each of the 250 adults who are currently coming to church. Some people can afford more, which compensates for those who can afford less.

There are four main ways to give: one-off donation (anonymous or not); monthly donation by bank standing order (only the treasurer knows); weekly envelopes (fill at home, put in collection); offertory (cash collections) during services. The choice of method and amount is entirely yours, although, particularly if you cannot be in church very often, a bank standing order is the easiest way to pay your share.

Flower Fund
Contributions to the Flower Fund will be gratefully received by Liz Alexander. There is a box at the back of the Church for your donations.

Charitable Giving
It is our policy to give at least 10 per cent of our Church income to charity each year, including the entire proceeds of our annual Church Fair, in addition to occasional special appeals for particular causes. The charities we supported in 2012 are here. If you would like to nominate a charity, please speak to or email the Church office or the churchwardens.

Children and Charity
Every week the children contribute their collection during Junior Church and this goes into the general church funds along with all the other offerings given by the congregation. At least 10% of this is distributed each year to different charities.


Bishop’s Lent Appeal
Details of this year’s Bishop’s Lent Appeal can be found o­n the noticeboard o­n the landing outside the Chapel, or see A collection box for your donations will be available at the back of the Church.

ACATAction des Chrétiens pour l’Abolition de la Torture.
ACAT in Luxembourg proposes:
- a
monthly appeal to state authorities to end torture situations.
- when necessary, an urgent appeal o­n behalf of victims of injustice in imminent danger of torture or unlawful killing.
Copies of ACAT appeals are also at the back of the Church.


Anglican Office hours and Chaplain's day off

The Anglican Office is open as follows:
Tuesday 09:00 - 13:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 13:00
Thursday 09:00 - 16:00
The Rev'd Chris Lyon's day off is Friday.
The Rev'd Andy Markey's day off is Monday.

Minutes of Church meetings
Abridged Minutes of Church Council meetings and Draft Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting are posted o­n the
Documents page when available.

Church Magazine
Please send your contributions (articles, information and anything you would like to share) - in electronic form o­nly please - to the Magazine Editor (
- see CALENDAR for the deadline for the next issue.
Some past issues of the Church magazine (formerly the Konvict) are available o­nline o­n the
MAGAZINE page. Everyone who has registered their contact details with the Anglican Office receives a copy by post.

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Forthcoming Services - see CALENDAR OF SERVICES



Sunday 19th October 2014
- Youth Group meeting at 11am at the home of the Rev'd Andy Markey - see REGULAR EVENTS

Thursday 23rd October 2014
- "Lions and Lambs" group meeting
from 9.30am to 11am in Schuttrange - see REGULAR EVENTS
- "Wellsprings" Prayer Group meeting at 8pm in Limpertsberg - see REGULAR EVENTS

Saturday 25th October 2014
- Breakfast Bible Study Group meeting from 9.30am to 11am on the Kirchberg Plateau - see EVENTS

Sunday 26th October 2014
- Youth Group meeting at 11am at the home of the Rev'd Andy Markey - see REGULAR EVENTS
- Church magazine Winter issue deadline - see REGULAR EVENTS
- Operation Christmas Child - Donation Deadline - see EVENTS
- End of the Month Congregational Lunch at 1pm in Cents - see REGULAR EVENTS

Tuesday 28th October 2014
- "Koinonia and Cake" Home Group meeting at 8pm in Hellange - see EVENTS


Wednesday 5th November 2014
- Church Council meeting
at 7.30pm in the Vicarage

Thursday 6th November 2014
- "Wellsprings" Prayer Group meeting
at 8pm in Limpertsberg - see REGULAR EVENTS

Thursday 20th November 2014
- "Wellsprings" Prayer Group meeting
at 8pm in Limpertsberg - see REGULAR EVENTS


Wednesday 3rd December 2014
- Church Council meeting
at 7.30pm in the Vicarage

Thursday 4th December 2014
- "Wellsprings" Prayer Group meeting
at 8pm in Limpertsberg - see REGULAR EVENTS

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- to be announced here


Hymns for Sunday 19th October, the Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity

NEH 334 All people that o­n earth do dwell (tune - Old Hundredth)

NEH 288 God everlasting, wonderful and holy

NEH 433 O Worship the King (omit verses 4 & 5)

NEH 235 Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go (omit verses 3 & 4)

Chapel Organ
Our Johannus Monarke organ was purchased in 2010 and installed in the Konvikt chapel beside the existing organ which remains in place. The new organ (see PHOTO GALLERY), although apparently a fixture, can in fact be relocated to another building without great difficulty should that ever become necessary. An article written about it for "352" by Alan Carlisle, former Director of Music, is here

* * * * *

Senior Choir
Join the Choir Do you like to sing? Do you have Thursday nights free from 8-9:30 pm (most of the time)? Then we would love for you to join the choir! Little known fact... you do not need to know how to read music to be in the Choir. We all have different abilities and experiences with choral music. We share a love of singing.
Second little known fact... You do not need to be there every Thursday and Sunday. We understand that you need to be away sometimes. We hope you can be there at least two weeks a month. Please speak with or email Dana Luccock if you would like more information.

Youth Choir
Are you between the ages of 10-18? Do you like to sing? Then come and join the Youth Choir! We will be practising from 12:15 to 1:00 pm o­n Sundays. If you have any friends ages 10-18 who like to sing, please invite them to join us. For more information, please contact Dana Luccock

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